Sierra ISU 2006

The Sierra ISU match was shot under fantastic conditions as the weather was sunny and in the low 20's. The wind was fickle as it came from behind and fishtailed most of the day. Pat Vamplew shot a 200 out of 200 in his second string which was the only perfect relay to be shot all day in the TR class. The ISU champion in the TR class this year was Fazal Mohideen who shot a score of 597 out of 600. Fazal fired three consecutive 199's which is a Ontario record in this match. If the match was shot at 300 meters this would have been a new Canadian record by all accounts. Norm Barber was once again the 2006 ISU champion in the F class as he shot a 598 out of 600.

The ORA would like to thank the Sierra Bullet company and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association for there continued support in running this event. I sincerely hope this will grow into a bigger event each year as Sierra has been a long standing supporter of this match. The top three in the TR class and the Top F class scores are as follows:

Fazal Mohideen

Fazal Mohideen      597
Pat Vamplew        593
Glen Hewitt          591

F Class
Norm Barber        598

I didn't shoot this match so I can't comment much but looks like Norm had a field day just dropping only two point the whole match. Close... very close Norm an congrats on the win!