Long Ranger Target Shooting - A Brief Overview

F-Class is a discipline of High-Power center fire rifle target shooting that takes place over distances from 300 yards to 1000 yards. 1000 yards is often referred to as "Way out There". At 1000 yards the targets are a little over 1/2 a mile from the shooter, something like ten football fields placed end on end. F-Class requires expert marksmanship, extremely accurate rifles, and a sound knowledge of come-ups for the distances being shot at. It involves an understanding of bullet trajectories for the caliber(s) employed and keeping them supersonic over the longer distances. In addition to the hardware you need to be able to "dope” or read the wind to understand how it can affect bullet movement or displacement. A few believe a lot of luck is involved. The "best of the best” competitive target shooters consistently shoot high scores and their aggregates indicate they're working with a heck of lot more than pure luck.

I’ve been involved with target shooting for as long as I can remember. Over the last several years it’s amazing the level of precision that has come about in F-Class. The competition is getting stronger with each passing season. But the beauty and attraction of F-Class is that anybody with a medium caliber can participate in this type of target shooting, providing they familiarize themselves with the distances involved. Be forewarned, it’s addictive. I have no doubt that you’ll eventually consider a custom match rifle and a custom hand load. There are a number of good combinations out there.

I originally started this website to share thoughts, ideas and experiences with other long range-minded target folks. The internet is an incredible place to seek information on just about anything you can think of or want to know about. Some of the information you find is good, some of it is not. The information you read here is as accurate as I can make it. If anyone shoots the F-Class discipline and sees a discrepancy or inaccuracy I would appreciate an e-mail telling me where you feel it’s wrong. If you find some of the information helpful drop me a line. It’s one of the other reasons I started the site. I simply would like to see more people shooting F-Class. It’s a wonderfully rewarding and competitive sport and it’s fun.