Kingston Sept 2006

The Kingston ORA fall match took place naturally in Kingston on the Barriefield Range and guess what? We were shooting into a brand new lead, copper and other nefarious metals removed, cleaned out butts! It was so beautifully manicured, almost a shame to fire a shot into the butts. Wait a minute, who the heck am I kidding here!
The weather was nice, perfect for shooting, none of that sun-blazing, hot, muggy and “mirage is a killing me” type of weather. The sun did try to poke out a few times, gave up and then on Sunday after it was summarily announced that we’d try and shoot all three relays before lunch and maybe get an early start homebound shortly after that announcement “The Fog” rolled in like an eery movie and slowed everything down. In fact it got so bad a few times that we had to halt production on re-leading the backstop. A prerequisite is that we are actually able to see the targets we are shooting at. Eventually things smoothed out again and we did finish earlier than anticipated.
Conspicuously missing were the normal F-class folks. Where were you guys? What hockey, Superbowl’s over long ago. Can’t wait to hear some of the excuses. The TR guys were out in numbers and all of us had a great time.

I would like to thank Dave Steed once again for putting on the event and Frank Jermey who was our RSO on the line. Did Frank actually get to stuck the rule-book under anyone’s hand? Fantastic job done by all. The target marking personal were also exceptional. Gill I’ve never seen anybody move a target up and down as fast as you can!
The awards portion was done I believe in record time. For the Grand aggregates Roger Romses dropped only a single point in the two-day event, so he naturally took 1st . I recommend he spend more time watching TV or something. I said point Bob P. … not V so you can relax! It’s still an incredible piece of target shooting. Fazal took 2nd in master class and the tenacious Pat Vamplew grabbed third. Gary Bendick took 1st and Steve Harker took 2nd. Abdul Rohman grabbed 1st in the sharpshooting class.
Gary I’m expecting you to show up with a new sweat shirt with those winnings, right? What you handed it over the misses already, darn?

In F-class I managed to win it against Don McGinnis. Sorry Bob P. it’s one plaque that’s going to leave a hole on your wall! Heck you probably didn’t have room for it anyway! Jim Thomson won in F/F. and Bruce Condie came 2nd. Consciously missing was Norm Barber. I hope all that sunshine in Hawaii was worth it. Aloha!
There were a few tiny addition mistakes made I believe in the sheets, which Excel corrected. Nothing that would have changed the outcome. Hey we’re target shooters anyway not mathematicians!

Rick Melling turned to the dark side on Sunday and proved once again just what you can do with a factory type F-class rifle on a bipod. On Saturday he shot as a TR shooter and had a respectable score… You can’t fault Rick though he was pretty preoccupied with helping Kerri during the two-day event.
Well there’s not too many matches left for this season so everybody should be checking their calendars closely.

john kajfes

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