Mons Club Championship 2006

Sometimes your the windshield and sometimes your the bug! I had to take the Mons trophy to the engravers to have my name and Gary Bowmna's engraved for our Mons wins in 2005. it was a very last mite thing in that there was only a week left after having the trophy sitting around in the house for a year. I wish I could shoot as well as I procrastinate! I asn't about to show up for this match without bring the trophy back for this year's winners. I said I needed it back in a rush because there was only a week left before the match an jokingly added I don't kow why I was so worried as I'm going to win it again and he'll have the whole year to engrave it. As it turned out I got lucky again and managed to hold on staying thre points ahead of Don McGinnis and five points above Mr. 57 aka Heinz Vollenweider. As Fazal mentioned the weather was a little iffy but we managed not to get soaked. Actually for the time of year it was great! The F-Class guys outnumbered the TR boyz two to one, interestng. There were a few new faces like Marc and Mark with a breaked cannon shooting off to our right. Hopefully close to Norm Barber and it's probably the reason why he didn't shoot as well as he normally does, whew! Now what are the odds of two guys named Marc & Mark showing up in the same match? Ominous clouds I like that Fazal but I've got a better name for them! Central V-bulls, as opposed to what? Bob Pastor would appreciate that! I think we should still consider moving them around a little bit on him...

The Mons Club Championship was shot at CFB Borden on the 15th of October as the temperatures were in the single digits and the clouds looked ominous at times. The cloud cover would give way to sunny periods as that caused some elevation problems for some. The winds were quite steady with little subtle changes that would cause shooters to miss the bull by about ½ a minute either way. The mirage did not help as the wind was coming left to right and when the mirage went right to left and shooters took off wind it would cause the odd magpie. Mons has a tendency to do that from time to time.

The winners of the match were Gary Bendik in the TR class with a score of 213 and 17 central v-bulls and in the F class the club champion for a second straight year was John Kajfes with a score of 252. The match was shot at 1000 yards as we shot three consecutive strings of 2 and 15. The match was well attended as we had close to 20 shooters shooting. There were a lot of new faces in the crowd which was a welcome sight. We hope to see more shooters next year and I hope we can provide better weather.

The scores are as follows:

Fazal Mohideen
Match Organizer
Mons Club Champs 2006
John Kajfes for Open F-Class & Gary Bendik for TR
sort of made up for my poor performance the previous week in the Fall Palma. This was the second time in a row I've won this one and Gary's first I believe. Gary really deserves his win on this one. He's been working very hard the last few years and it's showing!