Mons Range Fall Palma 2006

The Mons Fall Palma 2006 took place under what I and everyone else who were present would call absolutely incredible and beautiful weather! So the guys who didn’t show up for this shoot, well the only excuse I could possibly accept is that the wife was pregnant AGAIN… and you were rushing her to the hospital. Sorry but that’s the only one I’m buying this time around.
Naturally the winds on the Mons range were doing their normal nonsense but we’ve all come to expect that right? Well maybe except for a few who knew exactly what was going on down range. Me on the other hand didn’t know there was going to be a test! I noticed some identical scores in F-class a pair of 469’s, shot by none other than Terry Perkins and Gord Ogg. What were you guys doing comparing notes or something? I asked who got caught in the infamous count-back. Gord said, Terry did as Terry shot really well at 900 and he did! But I’d like to add the fact that Terry I believe hung Gord out to dry somewhat earlier with the also infamous… Message 3…. You know the one where you “challenge for a LOWER value” and it comes back challenge “accepted”.

On the winning side of things Roy Ginn, recently recovering for some kinda knee surgery won the Fall Palma in F-class. Now I don’t know if it was the healing part or the new green “wishbone” rest from Cadwell Carswell, whatever Roy was shooting off of. I’ll simply say this, Roy, as far as I’m concerned you’re fully healed at this point! Also just a reminder those aren’t vitamins you’re taking… not when they’re stamped Pfizer, are blue, round and diamond shaped… you might want to make a note of that.
In TR Expert it doesn’t seem to matter what Ric Melling is pulling the trigger on he does well, and it showed in his 1st place win. Personally I think he had less distractions this weekend than the last time I saw him out, remember he was pretty pre-occupied Kingston.

The winner of the Master class was none other than Pat Vamplew. I have no idea what’s going on here because I shot all three relays with Pat on my right and Roy on my left. You’d think I’d figure it out when I’m on the line with both the TR winner and the F-class winners of the day!… Bob P. you need to keep quite on this one! Bruce Bullock came 2nd in TR… still testing that ammo or what Bruce? And Mike Wong Shui came in 3rd. Thanks for the Scope Mike… maybe I had the lens in backwards studying the wind.
Tom Maynard pulled a rabbit out of somewhere and came 2nd. Ok Tom it’s now time to clean that barrel, right?
Charlie Williams came 3rd and it was really nice to see Charlie out at Mons for the shoot.

Now I just have to ask what the heck was going on with Art? Is it one of those things where you don’t, aren’t suppose to ask? That’s going to be one long long drive back home Tom. Is he going to be in the back of the cab relaxing? If he is you’d better let the dog ride up front otherwise something’s going to get broke.

Thanks Pat for including the X count’s for the F-class guys. Appreciate the extra time you took to record them…
Norm I’ll say it again… get a new barrel! Screw it off and hand it over to Eugenia. She'll be tickled pink cause you’re all through with it and she can use it in the garden for all those nice tomatoes she’s gonna be growing ya next year!

Well we’re getting close to the end of the season. Only a few more to go and Sunday October 8th is the Sierra ISU/Intro. You TR types should hang around Norm cause he usually has a few of them green boxes handy after the matches.

Unfortunately I can’t get to this one and it’s not that I don’t want to be there cause I know the weather is going to be even better than it was for the Palma. I have the next best excuse. My sister read me the riot act and its show up for Thanksgiving dinner or else! You guys know me I usually don’t trade bullets for food, heck I've lost 35 lbs in a couple months but looks like I’ll have to on this one.

Regards, john kajfes