NCRAA Long Range Match 2006

I think we all got seriously lucky at the NCRRA matches! I mean it's the first time in 3-4 years I've been there that it didn't actually rain partly through the event which generally results in a bunch of blank spaces in the scoring results where shooters either stopped shooting because of the rain pouring down on them or simply didn't shoot or didn't want to shoot! On both Saturday and Sunday the weather was if I may say. actually was rather nice! Naturally I'm not talking about what the wind was doing in the afternoon's of either day and in particular Sunday afternoon during the last match of the competition. I don't think any of us target shooters would be prepared to call it nice! I have a few words for it but unfortunately they're not repeatable here! I would like to thank the organizers for being just that and in particular Bill Molnar for actually pronouncing my last name right during the awards presentation after the matches. I would also like to thank the target pullers and Bernie Marion for their excellent work downrange. I've taken the liberty of having the results which I received posted on our site so that others might see exactly what fun they missed if they didn't attend

I also personally met some great new faces Marius DeChamplain and Dale Rathwell having both of them as shooting partners during the festivities. Marius I'm going to be watching you real closely in future competitions. I saw the way you were shooting, very nice indeed!

We had a good turnout for the event, some 20 TR folks and 11 F-class types and 2 BP shooters. Hmmm BP is that some kind of gas station as in British Petroleum? A few of the "Rubber Mallet Boyz" ran into some problems down range or the problems ran into them not sure which but it hampered their scores. In any case better them than me! I had an exceptional shoot, with the exception of the last match on Sunday. where my first shot on score was a zero. But technically I'm not suppose to be talking about that one! I'm suppose to forget about it! Ya ya.. I'm working on it!

Congratulations to Bruce Bullock for his TR win and to Dave Dixon for his courage to shoot his V-Slinger, Sleeker or what-ever it's called. I'm suppose to remember these things but unfortunately there are time when I don't remember what I had for lunch and I don't eat much at lunch!

All I know is that his rifle didn't have a scope on it just them funny little sights with a tiny hole you have to look through and he actually had to hold it! Wow!
John Kajfes