Sierra ISU or ISSF or whatever it's called these days!

The ISU match was shot under ideal conditions with the sun shining but rather windy at CFB Borden. The first relay started with a consistent wind with about 1 and 3/4 minutes on the gun. The wind was blowing but it was coming across from left to right in direction. As the day went on the wind started to play tricks as the wind would come across and then in a split second it would come directly at the shooters. If shooters got caught it would seriously cause the shooters to go to the 8 ring.

The ISU was attended by 24 shooters with five of them in the new Factory Manufacturer's class. The ISU champion for 2007 was Des Vamplew with a score of 585 followed by Dan Stanoev with a score of 582 and in third place was Faisal Rahman with a score of 575. The 2007 ISU champion in the F Class division was Heinz Vollenweider with an outstanding score of 600 out of 600. Heinz was the only competitor to shoot a clean score under tricky conditions. In second was John Kajfes with a score of 597 followed in third by Gord Ogg with a score of 596. In the F/M class the winner was Andy Gibson with a score of 575.

The ORA would like to thank Sierra Bullet Makers for there generous prizes for the match. We hope everyone enjoyed the day and hope to see you at the upcoming events.
Fazal Mohideen
ISU Match Director

Not much to add to what Fazal said on our site except that man Heinz you sure shot like a house on fire this match! Incredible shooting and you are certianly to be congratulated for your performance. This was one of those days when everything was working just right. The gun(s) was working, the load working and you were certainly calling the shots right with regards to the wind. Amazingly so. Congratulations.

Also a special thanks to Seirra Bullet Makers for supplying the generous bullet prizes. Hey maybe some day we f-class guys can win something else besides those 155 Palma bullets?