Mons Range Fund Match 2007

It's kinda hard remembering any about a particular competition months after it's happened. On any given day sometimes I can't even remember what I had for breakfast! I noticed on our ORA website for this match the only thing that's there is the results which probably to most shooters is fine, especially if you screwed up! I on the otherhand love mountains of data. I've included my score card results becaue I track that stuff too. Most guys do this they have plot sheets they use. Some plot sheets are execellent. It's not only the scoring you want to plot but also the conditions on the range, temperature, what kind of wind was blowing during the day like what drirection and how strong and did it change throughout the day, details on your barrel and load, and a pile of other nefarious stuff. After a while you can get a pretty good handle on what happens on a particular range over time. For anybody starting out this is one of the best things you can do.

When I get a chance I'll try and put up some of the cards (plot sheets) I use. I suppose I could get my hands on some cards the other guys use. I know the TR guys have a couple of graphs usually on the right side and near the bottom of their plot sheets an it means a whole lot more to them than it does to me.

You can search the web an come across some pretty decent plot sheets that you can down load. There's quite a number of them around. There are many styles. For example some are mark in yards, some in meters. then you've got the different yardages. In size alone thy very a lot. One thing to kep in mind though is that if you shoot well or tight an you're using a veebull or x that appears on the paper as oe inch it's gong to be reall hard plotting 15 shots in that area. You ned to keep this partuclar point in mind when looking for them.

If you ever saw one of Norm Barbers plot sheets you'd understand the value of making them big! Norm not only plots where his shot landed but he also plots were he held an then draws lines to where everything went. His shet can look pretty wild sometimes but he's a great shot and it definitely works for him.