ORA Mini Palma Base Borden Oct 5, 2002

After a very balmy September, early October in Base Borden was greeted with a cool overcast day. After an early morning shower, shooters enjoyed a blustery 15 degree day. Norm Barber continued his winning ways in F-Class, by winning the 800, 900 and 1000 yard, 15 round shoot with a fine score of 447/450-28x. The Expert Class was won by a recent call-up, Jeff Biggar with a 426-13x! The Master Class was won by the old master himself, Art Grundy, with a 436-13x.  The overall winner of the match was Pat Vamplew who squeaked past Art and Bryan Kaufman with a 437-9x! Thanks go out to Range Officer John Brooks, butt markers…Gil, Dave and the girls!

Not much to add to this shoot other than being a whole whack of points down from Mr. V-Whacker.