Well I bit the bullet so to speak, rode out and bought a MacBook Pro. I couldn't decide on the size so I simply got the big one! I've been a PC type guy for some 20-25 years and that's about as in fashion as being politically correct these days. They ought to give it a rest. Like which day do you put your garbage by the curbside? Are they even recyclable? I Doubt it.

So the big question is are we going to see any fancy updates to my long range website at Yes in deedee! The catch like everything else is finding the time to diddle the overhaul. Seeing as winter is almost upon us I just might have some time then to get at it. It's going to be a major overhaul. I've got close to 100 pages on that site. Created it using netFusion. Fusion just about sums it up too. Why the Update? Well seems everyone's into blogging these days. Maintaining websites is a real pita. Ever look at the revise dates on some sites? Ask Mike Hockings how hard it is to stay on top of these things. Mike maintains our ORA website and he does a fantastic job. But I have to ask ya Mike I bet you could perk up your scores by a few points if you started doing it on a Mac.

PC have their place they're right up there with those store bought x-rigs I see on the 1000 yard line on the range. Savages excluded to pacify Jim Bullock and because I saw what some shooters did with them at the Spirit of American matches this year. Well actually I didn't see it I read about it on the Eagle website. Man that Widdington Center is something else. So are the winds there! Macs on the other hand are like custom 1/2 MOA rigs that you can win with or NightForce scopes! I love those scopes. Maybe Nick the Beard will drop one down the chimney this years. It's about the only way I could afford one! Enough said.