Macs again!

I thought I'd get started on revamping my web-site. Being new to Macs I have no idea what folks are using for web design programs. i vaguely know about something called Dream-Weaver. After seeing the price of this software they sure got the first part of its name right! I spent 5 hours trying to figure out a way of placing or converting Excel spreadsheets for use on the site. I think this is the first major glitch I've run into with working on a Mac and it's a lulu at that.

In the PC world I was using something called netFusion to create my website. If you're trying to compile quite a number of things together websites can get complicate real fast and unless you've got something to help keep them in some kind of organized fashion you actually loose stuff! With netFusion I'd open an Excel sheet of scores, block off the cells I wanted and cut and paste that directly on a page and bingo what you see is what you get. Simple works and the spread sheet data tells most of the story.

In MacWorld you can't do this as I've subsequently found out. Man was I in for a surprise the first time I cut and pasted one of the old Excel match result sheets onto a page. The grid got lost and the numbers didn't line up with the columns and the neat colours I used to delineate the columns to help you see things better in the lists, I mean with anywhere from 50 to 300+ shooters participating in our events looking at the results can be challenging. How long has Excel been out? The html code is a nightmare. You'd think someone up the food chain at Micro$oft would stumble on this and fix it. Too busy driving their red Ferraris I suppose.

I'm on some kind of fact finding mission and it's not looking pretty as I can't find an easy solution let alone an elegant one. What people don't have a use for seeing data in spread sheets on webpages? I did come across some interesting concepts on how you could put a spread sheet or other stuff up on the www and collaborate all at the same time without e-mailing copies to everyone nuts enough to be involved whatever kind of project it was. With some 50+ spreadsheets to change over I don't fancy working in an html editor for this coming winter. Drag and drop seems like an antithemea in this area.